We are a family company engaged in CNC machining since 2001.

Throughout our existence we have always made sure that our top production quality, machined surfaces and materials used make a great advertisement as they are.

Currently we have a completely new production facility of our own, we are able to deliver products along with measurement protocols or make them partially assembled. We also cooperate with foreign suppliers for perfect surface treatment to ensure the best possible and repeatedly steady color shades. All according to the customer.

Not only us, but also our employees caring about their work take credit for the level we've gotten to over the years, making ourselves proud over the continuous success.

... let us look deeper into the company history.

We began with just one machine in leased spaces in city of Hronov. Upon buying a new machine in 2004 the time came to hire the first employee. The third machine in 2007 forced us to move  elsewhere. Our new – and leased again – spaces located in Stolin suited our needs for six years. Within this period, our company grew by two milling centres, our first lathe, automatic bandsaw, sandblasting machine and more employees. This eventually lead to current spaces becoming insufficient once again. This time, however, we bought old cowshed on the outskirts of Stolin.


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